Character Creation

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Character Creation

Post  Nasuke Uchiha on Thu Jul 08, 2010 2:07 pm

To create a character all you have to do is go to your profile and click Character Sheet.

After clicking it you'll see on the left side Character Information where you put your Character's Name,Age,Bloodline,Mother,Father,Brother,Sister,Crush/Lover,Rival,and Best Friend.Since everyone starts off as a Academy Student you'll need to put your age as 12.

Below Character Information is Bank where all your money goes.All players start off with only 3000 ryo.

Below that is Missions where you enter in how many missions you've completed and how many you failed.

Below that is bloodline where you choose from Sharingan to Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

Below that is Tailed Beast but the only way to get one is by joining Akatsuki or taking Naruto or Gaara's role.

Below that is Summon where you choose which summon to get but you can't use the summon until you get a summon mission.

Below that is Clan going from Uchiha to Kazama.

Last thing on the left side is Position where you put down your team.
On the right side you'll see Bingo Book Name where you put your bingo book's name of course.

Below that is Rank where you put down Academy Student since you are just starting out.

Below that is where you choose the Village your in.

Below that is your stats which are Health,Chakra,Special Chakra,Ninjutsu,Genjutsu,Taijutsu,Intelligence,Strength,Speed,Stamina,Hand Seals,and the total.The stats depend on the role you take at the role section,if all the spots are filled start with 1 for all your stats.

Below that is jutsu where you put down all the jutsu you learned or created.

Below that is Items where you put the items you got.Everyone starts off with
50 Kunai
3 Exploding Tag
3 Smoke Bombs
50 Shuriken
6 Wire

That's it for Character Creation.
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